Subscription-Based Software – The Nuisance Of Many Professionals

Subscription-Based Software

There were times when you bought software or hardware, and you could work with that for a very long time without any issues occurring, for example, regarding incompatibility or licensing. Moreover, you owned the full product. In the last few years, things have been changed when companies drastically try to grow their customer base, tie those to them and increase the overall revenue. The go-to solution to achieve exactly that seems to be the subscription-based software licensing that finally takes place almost everywhere in the audio software landscape. Let us talk about that situation from the viewpoint of an audio professional.

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The Shifting Significance of Visuals of Music Releases

The Shifting Significance Of Visuals Of Music Releases

Info : This article is written in collaboration with Yannik Sturm (art director, photographer and Canon brand ambassador) who holds a bachelor degree in Media & Communication Design @ Macromedia Cologne, Germany. Also check out his latest work on his website! ×

As we might remember the times of vinyl releases with its large and often beautiful cover artworks and elaborated booklets, we nowadays miss the support of visuals that completes the product presentation of music releases. Even when the CD took over from the vinyl as the main medium of the music industry, the visual component mainly remained because the jewel cases also contained booklets or the album was released as visually appealing digipack. By another industry’s revolution that introduced digital music download portals such as Apple’s iTunes, the CD was more and more eclipsed until the now omnipresent streaming services like Spotify dominate the market and trends. Thereby, the mediums that encouraged a beautiful visual presentation almost disappeared and the visuals associated with the music release significantly decreased in its relevance.

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Never-Ending Intern – The Common Way To Start A Career?

I guess many graduates or current students of the creative industries know the situation: you send out a massive amount of intern applications to interesting companies of which over 90% are being ignored, and a lot of the remaining applications end up in an unexplained rejection. In the end, those internship positions may be occupied by friends and family members of the company’s employees or stay empty because nobody in the company has the ambition and time to supervise the potentially incompetent young candidates. A lack of commitment of the employees often results in a delegation of easy tasks to the interns that drastically reduces the learning outcomes and useful, educating experiences that its maintaining should be the primary objective of both the intern candidates and the internship providers.

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Women In The Live Music Industry – A Career Ledder Issue?

Women in The Live Music Industry

All of us may have heard about the gender inequalities of Hollywood, not only in front of the camera but also behind the scenes. Not a lot different, the music industry and other creative industries face the same issues that men are dominating the sectors and also occupy the higher level positions. In the following article, we will have a look at the music industry in particular with its current statistics.

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