Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty

Mogul Life Death Chris Lighty

A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine at the media agency came up to me in the lunch break and told me “Hey Benjamin, this might be interesting for you! Take some minutes and check this out”. What she presented to me definitively mesmerised me! To reveal the secret, it was the new Gimlet Media‘s podcast called “Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty” which was launched in mid of June 2017. Every Friday a new episode of this podcast will be released. You can listen to it on Apple Podcast, Spotify (not for all countries available) or directly on the Gimlet website. From my point of view, it is comparable to a high quality and professionally produced BBC documentation which I really like. Just audible and with a big portion of urban flair. So what is it about?

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How To Prepare A Studio Recording Day

Prepare Studio Recording

This time, I introduce you my concept and the structure of my production’s schedule with which I prepare every of my studio recordings. Such plans make a smooth course possible and inform all involved people at an early stage. Thanks to the schedule, every team member and the musicians are aware of the details of the individual days. Moreover, the engineer and the studio owner are informed about what equipment will probably be used during the recording which is a real time saver later in the studio.

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Setting Up Milestones And Reach Your Goals

Setting up milestones & reach your goals

There are milestones in technology and in project management – so why not to have personal milestones as well? Basically, they ensure that a specific goal is constantly kept in sight and simplify the process of reaching it. Additionally, they guarantee that you steadily evolve yourself and work focused on topics which are important for you. Truth be told, this concept is only working when you are already fundamentally motivated, goal-orientated and honest to yourself.

Like many of these topic areas, I came in contact with the milestones concept during my bachelor studies. Since then, I am using it as my central instrument of motivation.
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Working In Periods Of Sprint And Rest

Working in Periods of Sprint and Rest

During my first big studio productions, I started thinking about possibilities for improving the team member’s and my productivity and an agile way to accomplish and manage the whole projects. Currently, me working mainly in an IT department at a German Internet media startup (for more details visit my LinkedIn profile), I came in contact with a special procedure model for project management called “Scrum”. This model basically contains some methods of operation I was using in my project management beginnings. So let me explain the mystery of this article’s title – “sprint and rest” 😉

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Audio & Music Business Books You Should Read

Audio & Music Business Books OG Image

Digital medium (CD, DVD, …): no
Paid downloads/streams: yes
Analogue medium (vinyl): yes
Printed books: yes
e-books: no

The above-shown statement is my personal attitude. Would you agree with some points? Maybe you do, since it could represent quite precisely my generation – maybe an expert can analyse this “jumbled” likes and dislikes – I can’t, at least for now. If you ask me, books always need to be printed even if they are later used as dust catcher or absorbing acoustic element in your project studio. The important aspect is that you internalise the knowledge of this medium. Nothing else matters! 😉
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Streaming – Break Habits & Try Something New

Power Rock Hooks Spotify Streaming Playlist

In the digital age, we have to recognise that our technology rapidly developed over the last two decades and therefore our daily life. Based on these changes we constantly modify our media consumption. We obtain more and more possibilities (e.g. streaming) and an everyday growing supply of entertainment. About one year ago I was far away from being familiar with music genres like metal core or post hardcore. But then the following happened….

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Taste It! – My “Funk Ya Soul” Spotify Playlist

Spotify Playlist "Funk Ya Soul"

Thanks to my parents’ legendary vinyl record collection (= the antique way to have a “playlist”), I directly came in contact with funky music in my early days of life. Most of the time I was listening to this kind of music – first passively then more actively at an advanced age. Until today, these genres accompany me through the everyday life and influence me intensively as a musician.

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