Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty

Mogul Life Death Chris Lighty

A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine at the media agency came up to me in the lunch break and told me “Hey Benjamin, this might be interesting for you! Take some minutes and check this out”. What she presented to me definitively mesmerised me! To reveal the secret, it was the new Gimlet Media‘s podcast called “Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty” which was launched in mid of June 2017. Every Friday a new episode of this podcast will be released. You can listen to it on Apple Podcast, Spotify (not for all countries available) or directly on the Gimlet website. From my point of view, it is comparable to a high quality and professionally produced BBC documentation which I really like. Just audible and with a big portion of urban flair. So what is it about?

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My Electric Guitar Setup

Electric Guitar Setup

After playing the classical guitar in orchestras and guitar ensembles for a long time at my younger ages, the desire to try something new arose very soon. Unsurprisingly, the “new” was an electric guitar, with which also new music genres came into my field of view. At this particular time, rock music was very interesting for me. A few years later, jazz, big band music and funk became more attractive to me. In recent years, I have sold my much-loved and reliable Fender combo amp as well as other old guitar equipment. I fundamentally re-equipped everything relating to the electric guitar. And this is exactly what I like to introduce to you 😉

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My Favourite Plugin Brands & Products

Favourite Plugin Brands & Products

In the last two decades, it became more and more common to continue the project work after the recording completely or at least partially on the computer. Consequently, there is no avoiding the fact that we will need certain audio plugins to edit the recorded material to create a final mix. I personally try to find the best combination of the modern digital and the nowadays already called “vintage” analogue world. Both domains have their benefits and disadvantages, therefore I created my own hybrid environment. Even the best plugins fail by the last 10 to 5% to reach the full sound of their analogue model, if a perfect replica is the developer’s intention. The studio outboard has not only a high cost price but also is high-maintenance which in turn results in additional ongoing expenses. On the contrary, the digital plugins can be taken everywhere with e.g. a laptop and their settings can be easily saved by only one mouse click. Both aspects could become difficult with the studio outboard – just to show up some pros and cons.

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How To Prepare A Studio Recording Day

Prepare Studio Recording

This time, I introduce you my concept and the structure of my production’s schedule with which I prepare every of my studio recordings. Such plans make a smooth course possible and inform all involved people at an early stage. Thanks to the schedule, every team member and the musicians are aware of the details of the individual days. Moreover, the engineer and the studio owner are informed about what equipment will probably be used during the recording which is a real time saver later in the studio.

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Setting Up Milestones And Reach Your Goals

Setting up milestones & reach your goals

There are milestones in technology and in project management – so why not to have personal milestones as well? Basically, they ensure that a specific goal is constantly kept in sight and simplify the process of reaching it. Additionally, they guarantee that you steadily evolve yourself and work focused on topics which are important for you. Truth be told, this concept is only working when you are already fundamentally motivated, goal-orientated and honest to yourself.

Like many of these topic areas, I came in contact with the milestones concept during my bachelor studies. Since then, I am using it as my central instrument of motivation.
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Hackintosh – Stay Flexible. Stay Professional.


During my school days, I received my first Macintosh as a present – one of those, at that time innovative, chic silver iMacs. With it, everything began: my affection for the Mac OS and the DAWs like the old Logic 9. Someday, its processing power became too low for my needs and I informed myself about upgrade possibilities. Unfortunately, I had to realise that these “possibilities” were extremely limited and still are till this day. At the beginning, I was satisfied with a simple RAM upgrade – a performance enhancement was fairly noticeable. But after a certain amount of time passed, my old beloved iMac simply could not cope with my requirements. It actually limited my productivity and creativity enormously by its processing restriction. It was time for a new desktop computer and, thus, my search for a suitable solution began…
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“Von Berg” Instrumental Recording

von Berg Instrumental Recording

As you may have noticed, it has been a long time since I have reported about new finished productions or ongoing projects. As from now, I will inform you about the actual running production and complement my Instagram posts with more details here in my blog. This topic will be placed between the other general articles so you will not miss them. On that, you can count!

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