Vezt – Intellectual Property Monetization For Artists & Songwriters

Intellectual Property Monetization For Artists & Songwriters

Recording music in the Internet age is not a lucrative business anymore. The nature of today’s popular streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and TIDAL cause that most artists and songwriters beyond the world’s top 10 artists make very little money directly from their music.

Vezt is the first blockchain-based mobile app where music fans can acquire rights in their favourite songs. It claims to be a new reasonable income stream for creatives. Let us take a closer look at the app’s concept and find out what is it all about.

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Vinyl Selection Of The Quarter (Q3/19)

Vinyl Selection of The Quarter (Q3/2019)

The third quarter of 2019 just began, and therefore, it was time for me again to browse my vinyl collection and randomly picked three old records and a more recent one to introduce those to you. If you missed the vinyl selection of the 2019’s Q1 or Q2, feel free to have a look at them first. Enjoy the following presentation of the next four records of my vinyl collection.

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5 Apps That Take Your Instagram To The Next Level

5 Apps That Take Your Instagram To The Next Level

Like in the music business, people are commonly familiar with polished, radio-ready tracks. No one wants to listen to an unmixed draft version of your song on Spotify. In the same way, the social media community expects high-quality images that are edited to look beautiful and professional – especially if you represent a music brand or label. In today’s world, an image without a “cinematic” filter is quite unusual and is probably not so valued by the Instagram community. We show you our top five apps to take your content and therefore, your Instagram profile to the next level!

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ForTunes – The Smart Data Hub For Musicians & Producers

ForTunes - The smart data hub for musicians & producers

ForTunes, a data analytics service that is developed to help all kinds of music creatives, (independent) label managers and producers engage with their online data. After the account setup, the app collects all data from the common social media platforms and music streaming services. ForTunes was developed by a team of eight music and tech enthusiasts based in Vienna, Austria. The team has a great mission to put comprehensive Data Analytics at the fingertips of millions of music creators. Let us have a closer look at its functionalities.

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“Later” – How We Manage Our Social Media Channels

Later App - How we manage our social media channels

Social media counts to the essential promotion channels not only for brands but also for musicians, producers, music labels and concert promoters. The community of such media platforms can not get tired of new content and expects that you flood your channels with exciting and various types of content in that ephemeral environment. If you are not regularly publishing new content and interacting with other platform users, not only the platform users but also its algorithms will turn you down. How can we take care of our social media channels the most professional and effective way to cope with that time-consuming task? We will tell you now!

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Subscription-Based Software – The Nuisance Of Many Professionals

Subscription-Based Software

There were times when you bought software or hardware, and you could work with that for a very long time without any issues occurring, for example, regarding incompatibility or licensing. Moreover, you owned the full product. In the last few years, things have been changed when companies drastically try to grow their customer base, tie those to them and increase the overall revenue. The go-to solution to achieve exactly that seems to be the subscription-based software licensing that finally takes place almost everywhere in the audio software landscape. Let us talk about that situation from the viewpoint of an audio professional.

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“Come Back” Clean Vocal Recording

"Come Back" Clean Vocal Recording

The editing of the shouter vocals was done, and we already proceeded with the mixdown of the entire song. But the missing piece of the puzzle was the clean vocalist that sings the melodic, pop-ish chorus and a few other parts together with the shouter. When you missed the previous article that describes our shouter vocal recording with Kim Rese, feel free to check this out here before continue reading this article.

A long time passed until we could find a suitable collaborator that met our expectations sound- and skill-wise. We finally got a great singer/songwriter with a long-lasting recording and touring career involved in the modern rock project. Let me tell you more about who our collaborator is and how we recorded his clean vocals for “Come Back”.

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Vocalizr – Connecting Singers & Producers From Around The World

Vocalizr - Connecting Singers & Producers From Around The World

Are you tired of looking for skilled singers in music forums or facebook groups? It takes a lot of time and usually is – at least for us – not successful and depressing. The lack of interested candidates is not a problem. Instead, the people contacting you on those platforms are often not professional enough and – until now – did not meet our needs sound- and skill-wise. That misery can finally be history! In the following, we present you the service Vocalizr that wants to help to connect singers and producers from around the world. Let’s see if it does what it promises.

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