Perfect Lover Cover

Marta Lacros – Perfect Lover (Single)

Title : Perfect Lover
Release Date : 5. February 2015
Format : Digital Download

Produced by Benjamin Albrecht (of AlbrechtProductions)
Composed, Arranged & Conducted by Benjamin Albrecht
Lyrics by Marta Serhun
Engineers: Benjamin Albrecht, Florian Schurz

Rhodes: Stephan Heinen
Bass Guitar: Gerhard Rückemesser
Guitar: Benjamin Albrecht
Drums: Dominik Sabolovic
Percussions: Friederike Rost
Saxophone: Takis Fricke
Trumpet: Roland Eschbach
Trombone: Carolin Berke
Lead Vocals: Marta Serhun

Here you see the final digipack and CD design mockup of the “Perfect Lover” single release. The whole design was realised by Benjamin Albrecht. AlbrechtProductions let this record cut in a limited, very very small run of 25 copies for the official release in February 2015.