All Along the Watchtower Cover

Tales of Aunt and Uncles – All Along The Watchtower (Single)

Band : Tales of Aunt and Uncles
Title : All Along The Watchtower - Single
Release Date : 24. March 2015
Format : Digital Download

An one-take-live-recording with the German band “Tales of Aunt and Uncles” – a cool 1960s Jimi Hendrix cover recorded and mixed with era-suitable vintage gear. It’s not edited/cut!

Produced by Benjamin Albrecht (of AlbrechtProductions)
Arranged by Stephan Heinen
Engineers: Benjamin Albrecht, Florian Schurz

Keys & Vocals: Stephan Heinen
Bass Guitar: Jonas Stock
Guitar: Moritz Kuck
Drums: Valentin Austen
Lead Vocals: Franziska Heidemann


The cover design was done by Benjamin Albrecht.

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