New Year, New Objectives – What I've planned for 2020

New Year, New Objectives - What I've Planned for 2020

I am sure that you had tremendous and restful Christmas holidays where you could enjoy the time with your family and friends. Only two days left until we all will prepare ourselves to start in the new year 2020. In the following, I will quickly look back to what happened with AlbrechtProductions in the past year and what is planned for the upcoming year 2020.

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Vinyl Selection Of The Quarter (Q1/19)

Vinyl Selection of The Quarter (Q1/2019)

Being more and more active in collecting vinyl recently and buying new vinyl releases that are worth it from my point of view because of their songwriting and production qualities led me to the idea of a new blog article series. From now on, I want to present you four records per quarter that are more or less randomly selected from my record collection. My intention behind this new article series is to introduce my followers to a broader spectrum of music from different centuries, especially because many of my younger readers might not have listened to that music and centuries before. I am still young with 24 years, but you will see that I am quite “matured” regarding my music knowledge and taste, thanks to my parents. In each article of the series old records (from between the 70s to 90s) and at least one “new” vinyl (from 00s to date) will be presented as part of the quarter collection. Enjoy the journey through different genres and centuries 😉

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New Year, New Objectives – What I’ve planned for 2019

New Year New Objective 2019

Hopefully, you had great and restful Christmas holidays where you could enjoy the time with your family and friends. At this time tomorrow, we all will probably prepare ourselves for the big New Year’s Eve party or are already on the way to a fancy pre-party dinner, house party or whatever you have planned to start with big bang and fireworks to the new year 2019. With the new year, the traditional new year’s resolutions are popping up in our minds letting us think about possible objectives, milestones and to-do lists for 2019. Some of us may pursue those objectives strictly, and some will not be that focussed or even fail it. A very widespread example of a failed new year’s resolution I recognise every year in my gym is people signing up in January, being active for like two or three months at most and afterwards transforming their membership into an “I-do-not-go-anymore-but-I-am-stuck-in-the-contract” problem. But let us be honest – they could spend the gym’s monthly contribution in something they enjoy or want to achieve. So take your time to identify your resolutions so you can be sure that you are willing to go for them. It is again about the central statement of this blog: do not waste time (and money) and allocate it to the right activities and projects! So, you ask, what is AlbrechtProductions’ plan for 2019?

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