Milestone Reached: Master Degree – The Summary

Master Degree Summary

Finally, I am back again! After one year of a break – without any blog post or musical activity – I am pretty happy to be back for you and ready to continue my work with AlbrechtProductions! In the following, I briefly summarise my life in 2017/2018 when I did my master degree at the Middlesex University in London.

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Next Chapter: Master Degree

Next Chapter - Master Degree

Once I was graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, I directly knew that I want to continue with my academic career by adding a master degree afterwards. But in the first place, I did not feel confident regarding the course I would like to attend. After a long to and fro and countless hours of research and visits of open days, I finally decided upon a suitable course and university. In the following, both will be explained more in detail.

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