The Shifting Significance of Visuals of Music Releases

The Shifting Significance Of Visuals Of Music Releases

Info : This article is written in collaboration with Yannik Sturm (art director, photographer and Canon brand ambassador) who holds a bachelor degree in Media & Communication Design @ Macromedia Cologne, Germany. Also check out his latest work on his website! ×

As we might remember the times of vinyl releases with its large and often beautiful cover artworks and elaborated booklets, we nowadays miss the support of visuals that completes the product presentation of music releases. Even when the CD took over from the vinyl as the main medium of the music industry, the visual component mainly remained because the jewel cases also contained booklets or the album was released as visually appealing digipack. By another industry’s revolution that introduced digital music download portals such as Apple’s iTunes, the CD was more and more eclipsed until the now omnipresent streaming services like Spotify dominate the market and trends. Thereby, the mediums that encouraged a beautiful visual presentation almost disappeared and the visuals associated with the music release significantly decreased in its relevance.

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