Stam Audio SA4000 – The SSL-Style Stereo Bus Compressor

Stam Audio SA4000 - SSL-Style Stereo Bus Compressor

While plugins are incredibly useful, there is a reason why top audio engineers still have analogue gear in their racks. In today’s hybrid studios, one of the most significant benefits, while you are mostly mixing “in the box”, is to use quality hardware on your master bus. Hence we have a look at my SA4000, an SSL G-Bus style stereo bus compressor manufactured by Stam Audio in Chile. I received the SA4000 in 2017 when this unit was my very first Stam Audio gear. Since then, some other Stam Audio products like the SA-76ADG became part of my studio gear collection.

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A77X by Adam Audio – Perfect Near/Midfield Monitors For Project Studios?

A77X by Adam Audio - Perfect Near/Midfield Monitors For Project Studios?

Until recently, I was a satisfied user of KRK studio monitors for almost eight years. Those speakers are super fun to listen especially when you produce urban or electronic music, but definitively lack in detail and transparency to be an appropriate toolkit for audio professionals. Additionally, I was looking for a set of speakers with significantly more power. After testing out different studio monitors in the same or even upper price range from brands like Focal (Shape Twin and Twin 6), Dynaudio (LYD-48), KS Digital (C88-Reference) and Neumann (KH 310A), I ended up buying the A77X by Adam Audio. Read in the following, what these monitors make special and why I have chosen them at the end.

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Mix:analog – Real Analogue Gear From The Cloud

Mix:analog - Real Analogue Gear From The Cloud

Mix:analog is the world-first fully manual, real-time controllable online analog processing service for audio engineers and creatives. It’s a web application with a graphical user interface that allows you to control a broad selection of analogue gear over the internet via your internet browser in real-time. Thanks to the platform, you have access to expensive analogue studio equipment that can add character and the needed saturation in the digital age to your production to take it to the next level. Let us take a closer look at the mix:analog service.

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Stam Audio SA-76ADG – The 3-in-1 1176 Compressor

Stam Audio SA-76ADG - The 3-in-1 1176 Compressor

Bit by bit, I try to collect analogue outboard gear for my project studio that might evolve into a bigger studio over time. I love to work in-the-box with plugins and appreciate the flexibility and comfort that come with it. Nevertheless, I love analogue gear and its unbeatable character and the often slightly different behaviour, especially with extreme settings. I like to combine both worlds, the digital and the analogue one, and set up a hybrid studio environment. This time, we have a look at my brand-new SA-76ADG, an 1176 compressor manufactured by Stam Audio in Chile, that combines the revisions A, D and G in one single unit. A great concept and a real game changer!

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SessionRecall – Never Lose Your Analogue Gear Settings Again!

SessionRecall OG

Everybody with analogue studio outboard gear knows it: there is one huge disadvantage compared to mixing plugins. It is the effort needed to store somehow the settings of all used studio gear to be able to recall them if you or your customers want to make changes to the last mix version. Whether or not you are taking pictures or using recall sheets, it is an annoying process, and its data needs to be stored somewhere. But those sad times came to an end with the release of the new software called SessionRecall, available for Mac and Windows.

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