Lougne Relax – “Hookah ‘n Elyx” Spotify Playlist

Lougne Releax - "Hookah 'n Elyx" Spotify Playlist

This time I went through my Spotify archive of playlists that were created years ago and found one that perfectly complements the current playlist collection. Although I did not smoke Hookah since years, I just retained the original playlist name not to change the playlist’s vibe and intention back in 2015. Since then, the playlist was filled with appropriate hot urban music. So, enjoy another Spotify playlist “handcrafted” by AlbrechtProductions!

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Get In Focus Mode – The “BEATS” Spotify Playlist

Sometimes you need a soundtrack to get in focus mode whether you need to write a term paper, read a book or concentrate otherwise. The problem I face with the music I commonly like to listen to is that the songs contain vocals in most cases. The vocals’ melody and lyrics interfere my concentration because they include too many information and are too vibrant to act as ambient music. Therefore, instrumentals are a good choice. In my case, I like to listen to urban instrumentals (hip-hop/rap and R&B) because of its loop-ish structure and grooviness. Try out my new BEATS Spotify playlist and see if you can increase your concentration and kill the dull silence around you! 😉

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