Developing a Growth Mindset

Developing A Growth Mind-Set

Today I want to talk about the topic “developing a growth mindset” that is more closely related to previously released articles as “Working In Periods Of Sprint And Rest” and “Make Time – Optimise Yourself & Work On Your Someday Project” that reveal you opportunities to optimise your handling of work, increase your efficiency as well as motivate you to develop and get better steadily. Developing a growth mindset allows people to achieve even higher levels of satisfaction and performance in both their personal and professional lives. In this article, you will learn how to grow and embrace the growth process. And how your personal growth can benefit you and your organisation.

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The Shifting Significance of Visuals of Music Releases

The Shifting Significance Of Visuals Of Music Releases

Info : This article is written in collaboration with Yannik Sturm (art director, photographer and Canon brand ambassador) who holds a bachelor degree in Media & Communication Design @ Macromedia Cologne, Germany. Also check out his latest work on his website! ×

As we might remember the times of vinyl releases with its large and often beautiful cover artworks and elaborated booklets, we nowadays miss the support of visuals that completes the product presentation of music releases. Even when the CD took over from the vinyl as the main medium of the music industry, the visual component mainly remained because the jewel cases also contained booklets or the album was released as visually appealing digipack. By another industry’s revolution that introduced digital music download portals such as Apple’s iTunes, the CD was more and more eclipsed until the now omnipresent streaming services like Spotify dominate the market and trends. Thereby, the mediums that encouraged a beautiful visual presentation almost disappeared and the visuals associated with the music release significantly decreased in its relevance.

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How To Prepare A Studio Recording Day

Prepare Studio Recording

This time, I introduce you my concept and the structure of my production’s schedule with which I prepare every of my studio recordings. Such plans make a smooth course possible and inform all involved people at an early stage. Thanks to the schedule, every team member and the musicians are aware of the details of the individual days. Moreover, the engineer and the studio owner are informed about what equipment will probably be used during the recording which is a real time saver later in the studio.

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Working In Periods Of Sprint And Rest

Working in Periods of Sprint and Rest

During my first big studio productions, I started thinking about possibilities for improving the team member’s and my productivity and an agile way to accomplish and manage the whole projects. Currently, me working mainly in an IT department at a German Internet media startup (for more details visit my LinkedIn profile), I came in contact with a special procedure model for project management called “Scrum”. This model basically contains some methods of operation I was using in my project management beginnings. So let me explain the mystery of this article’s title – “sprint and rest” 😉

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