EP Project “Royal Flush” Cover Artwork

EP Project "Royal Flush" - Cover Artwork

Today, I proudly present the cover artwork design of my actual EP project. As a result, the title of the upcoming record is also revealed: Royal Flush. Everything refers to the poker game topic and a royal flush, the best possible hand in many variants of poker. Let me tell you a bit more about the idea of the title and the associated cover artwork in the following.

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New Website Finally Online!

Website Preview AlbrechtProductions

Today I want to proudly announce that my new website is finally online!

Now it is up to me to fill this website bit by bit with new content – this could be for example: new releases & videos, production documentations (“behind the scenes”) and much more…

For all of you who already followed my online activity and were familiar with my old page – here a little overview of what has been changed.

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