Hackintosh v2 – Thunderbolt 3 & UA Apollo Interface

Hackintosh V2 Build - Thunderbolt 3

In my first Hackintosh blog article, I introduced the Hackintosh concept to my readers and presented the incorporated computer components in my music studio build. Because that build was done in September 2014, I already had plans for a future, new Hackintosh or how to upgrade the existing system to an up-to-date system supporting Thunderbolt. The missing Thunderbolt support of my current 2014s system was the only big downside of it, to be honest. Benchmark-wise, the old system can still cope with some 2017s original Apple devices like the iMac, and I never complained about a lack of processing power with regard to my daily music studio work until now. Because of my studio expansion that included additional analogue gear among others and my love to Universal Audio¬†audio interfaces which I do not want to miss in my setup, a Thunderbolt upgrade for my main studio computer was inevitable. Read in the following how I built a new Hackintosh music studio system with Thunderbolt 3 support, running UA’s Apollo interfaces.

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