"UK Rap – Streets of London" Spotify Playlist

UK Rap - Streets of London

Lately, the Brexit came true. However, the exact outcome of that situation will be revealed later when the European Union and the UK will realise that many things need to be adjusted and will then initiate further steps. During my master studies in London, we talked a lot of the Brexit at university and its negative influence on the creative industries – in particular, the music business in my case. Regardless of the politics and their actions, I hope that the music industry tries to minimise the damage caused by the Brexit all together so it will not influence the international touring and collaboration that significantly. While we observe the next steps of music industry executives and politicians, we can enjoy the hottest tracks of UK’s rap scene – all collected in my new Spotify playlist “UK Rap – Streets of London”. Have fun listening!

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“Unique” Horn Section Recording

Unique Horn Section Recording

After we successfully recorded the electric piano, organ and Moog parts of “Unique” with the German jazz pianist Andreas Theobald, we let rest the production for a few weeks. Playing it back after the break that was used to concentrate on other tasks related to the producer concept EP, we had the feeling that a particular element was missing to complete the song as we envisioned it originally. After a moment’s consideration, we decided that the song needs a real horn section to take the song to the next level and to finalise it. We are more than happy to tell you that we were able to work with a professional horn section called Triple H Horns from the United Kingdom that did a stunning job! In the following, learn more about the guys behind Triple H Horns and how we recorded saxophone, trumpet and trombone for “Unique”.

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Milestone Reached: Master Degree – The Summary

Master Degree Summary

Finally, I am back again! After one year of a break – without any blog post or musical activity – I am pretty happy to be back for you and ready to continue my work with AlbrechtProductions! In the following, I briefly summarise my life in 2017/2018 when I did my master degree at the Middlesex University in London.

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Next Chapter: Master Degree

Next Chapter - Master Degree

Once I was graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, I directly knew that I want to continue with my academic career by adding a master degree afterwards. But in the first place, I did not feel confident regarding the course I would like to attend. After a long to and fro and countless hours of research and visits of open days, I finally decided upon a suitable course and university. In the following, both will be explained more in detail.

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London – The Music Metropolis (Part 2)

London Music Metropolis 2

After we dealt with music business statistics, famous artists and important music companies in the first article of the two-part blog series, we will now focus on locations where you can perfectly produce your music. This includes recording and mastering studios but also distributors to release your finished product. In the end, I will give you some updates regarding AlbrechtProductions.

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London – The Music Metropolis (Part 1)

London Music Metropolis Part 1

The United Kingdom is one of the most important countries all over the world in the music industry and history. Therefore, its capital London plays a central role in this particular field of business by setting trends and bringing out global super stars. In the recent decades, London based artists like Adele, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay and Pink Floyd have been the world’s best-selling recording artists. Let’s take a closer look…

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