“Metal Rap” Spotify Playlist

"Metal Rap" Spotify Playlist

What seemed to be a no-go area for decades is finally now more and more in the ascendant. I am talking about Metal meets rap! I am talking about showing respect for both cultures and even mixing them. As I am a massive fan of such crossovers of younger generations of talented musicians, I present you today my new curated Spotify playlist “Metal Rap”. Happy exploring and do not forget to turn the volume up!

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Streaming – Break Habits & Try Something New

Power Rock Hooks Spotify Streaming Playlist

In the digital age, we have to recognise that our technology rapidly developed over the last two decades and therefore our daily life. Based on these changes we constantly modify our media consumption. We obtain more and more possibilities (e.g. streaming) and an everyday growing supply of entertainment. About one year ago I was far away from being familiar with music genres like metal core or post hardcore. But then the following happened….

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