Mix:analog – Real Analogue Gear From The Cloud

Mix:analog - Real Analogue Gear From The Cloud

Mix:analog is the world-first fully manual, real-time controllable online analog processing service for audio engineers and creatives. It’s a web application with a graphical user interface that allows you to┬ácontrol a broad selection of analogue gear over the internet via your internet browser in real-time. Thanks to the platform, you have access to expensive analogue studio equipment that can add character and the needed saturation in the digital age to your production to take it to the next level. Let us take a closer look at the mix:analog service.

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My Favourite Plugin Brands & Products

Favourite Plugin Brands & Products

In the last two decades, it became more and more common to continue the project work after the recording completely or at least partially on the computer. Consequently, there is no avoiding the fact that we will need certain audio plugins to edit the recorded material to create a final mix. I personally try to find the best combination of the modern digital and the nowadays already called “vintage” analogue world. Both domains have their benefits and disadvantages, therefore I created my own hybrid environment. Even the best plugins fail by the last 10 to 5% to reach the full sound of their analogue model, if a perfect replica is the developer’s intention. The studio outboard has not only a high cost price but also is high-maintenance which in turn results in additional ongoing expenses. On the contrary, the digital plugins can be taken everywhere with e.g. a laptop and their settings can be easily saved by only one mouse click. Both aspects could become difficult with the studio outboard – just to show up some pros and cons.

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