A77X by Adam Audio – Perfect Near/Midfield Monitors For Project Studios?

A77X by Adam Audio - Perfect Near/Midfield Monitors For Project Studios?

Until recently, I was a satisfied user of KRK studio monitors for almost eight years. Those speakers are super fun to listen especially when you produce urban or electronic music, but definitively lack in detail and transparency to be an appropriate toolkit for audio professionals. Additionally, I was looking for a set of speakers with significantly more power. After testing out different studio monitors in the same or even upper price range from brands like Focal (Shape Twin and Twin 6), Dynaudio (LYD-48), KS Digital (C88-Reference) and Neumann (KH 310A), I ended up buying the A77X by Adam Audio. Read in the following, what these monitors make special and why I have chosen them at the end.

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Made in Germany: Vision Ears VE-3 – Custom-Made In-Ear Monitors

Vision Ears In Ear Monitors

Monitoring is a central, day-to-day topic if you are working as an audio engineer or musician. As a professional, you usually want permanent quality, be familiar with the sound characteristic and know what you can generally expect from your gear. Using different monitoring equipment almost every time lets you unaware of how things need to sound to result in a satisfying or even outstanding final product. Especially in the live music environment but also in the studio environment as a reference monitor, custom-made in-ear monitors are a must-have tool for every music professional!

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