Fancy Drinks & Matching Spotify Playlists

Fancy Drinks & Matching Spotify Playlists

I thought it is time for another playlist-related article because it has been a while when I posted the last one. This time, we talk a little bit about one of my favourite alcoholic drinks and the related Spotify playlists I created for each of them. Someday, my interest in drinks (especially in spirits), their production process and used resources began, and since then I love to enjoy a small glass of good spirit on Friday or Saturday evenings. All the more if I am in good company, I often have the desire to accompany the “consumption” with music. But often, we could not directly find a to the situation and the drink matching playlist, so I started to created ones.

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London – The Music Metropolis (Part 2)

London Music Metropolis 2

After we dealt with music business statistics, famous artists and important music companies in the first article of the two-part blog series, we will now focus on locations where you can perfectly produce your music. This includes recording and mastering studios but also distributors to release your finished product. In the end, I will give you some updates regarding AlbrechtProductions.

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London – The Music Metropolis (Part 1)

London Music Metropolis Part 1

The United Kingdom is one of the most important countries all over the world in the music industry and history. Therefore, its capital London plays a central role in this particular field of business by setting trends and bringing out global super stars. In the recent decades, London based artists like Adele, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay and Pink Floyd have been the world’s best-selling recording artists. Let’s take a closer look…

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“Von Berg” Vocal Recording

Von Berg Vocal Recording

At the beginning of June 2017, I went to the studio with the German band “von Berg” to record the live instrumental for their upcoming EP release. Last week, we finally continued with the vocal overdubs for the four songs. Unlike we had recorded the instrumental parts in the Energiekreis Zuckerhut Studios, this time we tracked in my project studio. About 1 1/2 working days in total we used to record the singer’s voice in a relaxed environment without time pressure or a big team/band members waiting for his performance.

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“Von Berg” Instrumental Recording

von Berg Instrumental Recording

As you may have noticed, it has been a long time since I have reported about new finished productions or ongoing projects. As from now, I will inform you about the actual running production and complement my Instagram posts with more details here in my blog. This topic will be placed between the other general articles so you will not miss them. On that, you can count!

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Audio & Music Business Books You Should Read

Audio & Music Business Books OG Image

Digital medium (CD, DVD, …): no
Paid downloads/streams: yes
Analogue medium (vinyl): yes
Printed books: yes
e-books: no

The above-shown statement is my personal attitude. Would you agree with some points? Maybe you do, since it could represent quite precisely my generation – maybe an expert can analyse this “jumbled” likes and dislikes – I can’t, at least for now. If you ask me, books always need to be printed even if they are later used as dust catcher or absorbing acoustic element in your project studio. The important aspect is that you internalise the knowledge of this medium. Nothing else matters! 😉
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Streaming – Break Habits & Try Something New

Power Rock Hooks Spotify Streaming Playlist

In the digital age, we have to recognise that our technology rapidly developed over the last two decades and therefore our daily life. Based on these changes we constantly modify our media consumption. We obtain more and more possibilities (e.g. streaming) and an everyday growing supply of entertainment. About one year ago I was far away from being familiar with music genres like metal core or post hardcore. But then the following happened….

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