ForTunes – The Smart Data Hub For Musicians & Producers

ForTunes - The smart data hub for musicians & producers

ForTunes, a data analytics service that is developed to help all kinds of music creatives, (independent) label managers and producers engage with their online data. After the account setup, the app collects all data from the common social media platforms and music streaming services. ForTunes was developed by a team of eight music and tech enthusiasts based in Vienna, Austria. The team has a great mission to put comprehensive Data Analytics at the fingertips of millions of music creators. Let us have a closer look at its functionalities.

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“Iron Pump” – The Urban Workout Spotify Playlist

Iron Pump - The Urban Workout Spotify Playlist

While my favourite gym playlist still is “Power Rock Hooks” that is steadily complemented with new hard-hitting rock tracks, there are days when I prefer to listen to some Hip-Hop to push myself to the limit during my workout session. Therefore, I like to share my new urban music playlist “Iron Pump” with you. Enjoy the playlist and your upcoming workout. Cheers!

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“Trap Warriors” – The Modern Rap Spotify Playlist

Bouncing 808s, hectic Hi-Hat and high-pitched snare rolls along with ambient synths, are frequently used in the contemporary urban music scene. In the time where Rap/Hip-Hop and R&B are very present on the top of the Billboard charts, at the Grammy Awards and major festivals, you recognise what stylistic and societal changes those genres went through the last decades. AlbrechtProductions created another song collection named “Trap Warriors” that is – as known for the blog – available on Spotify.

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The “German Rap/Hip Hop” Spotify Playlist

The "German Rap/Hip Hop" Spotify Playlist

Another Spotify playlist curated by AlbrechtProductions – “German Rap/Hip Hop”. The German urban music scene including rap/hip hop has a long history and went through radical style changes regarding the beats and lyrical content. The playlist shall give you a taste of all those different stages of German rap history. Whether or not you are able to understand its lyrics, enjoy the journey!

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“Pool Party” – The Summer’s Spotify Playlist

"Pool Party" - The Summer's Spotify Playlist

Summer is just around the corner! That bags for a new playlist created by AlbrechtProductions to be played on the upcoming pool, beach or at all other outdoor parties and meetups. Hot hip-hop tunes are ready to be played as your soundtrack for probably the best time of the year. Enjoy the sun and have fun! We will extend the playlist as we usually do so stay tuned on Spotify 😉

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Vinyl Selection Of The Quarter (Q2/19)

Vinyl Collection Of The Quarter (Q2/2019)

I spent a bit of my free time again to browse through my vinyl collection and randomly picked three old records and a more recent one to briefly talk about those. If you missed the vinyl selection of the 2019’s first quarter, feel free to read that article first. Enjoy the following presentation of the next four records of my vinyl collection.

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Lougne Relax – “Hookah ‘n Elyx” Spotify Playlist

Lougne Releax - "Hookah 'n Elyx" Spotify Playlist

This time I went through my Spotify archive of playlists that were created years ago and found one that perfectly complements the current playlist collection. Although I did not smoke Hookah since years, I just retained the original playlist name not to change the playlist’s vibe and intention back in 2015. Since then, the playlist was filled with appropriate hot urban music. So, enjoy another Spotify playlist “handcrafted” by AlbrechtProductions!

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Vinyl Selection Of The Quarter (Q1/19)

Vinyl Selection of The Quarter (Q1/2019)

Being more and more active in collecting vinyl recently and buying new vinyl releases that are worth it from my point of view because of their songwriting and production qualities led me to the idea of a new blog article series. From now on, I want to present you four records per quarter that are more or less randomly selected from my record collection. My intention behind this new article series is to introduce my followers to a broader spectrum of music from different centuries, especially because many of my younger readers might not have listened to that music and centuries before. I am still young with 24 years, but you will see that I am quite “matured” regarding my music knowledge and taste, thanks to my parents. In each article of the series old records (from between the 70s to 90s) and at least one “new” vinyl (from 00s to date) will be presented as part of the quarter collection. Enjoy the journey through different genres and centuries 😉

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