Subscription-Based Software – The Nuisance Of Many Professionals

Subscription-Based Software

There were times when you bought software or hardware, and you could work with that for a very long time without any issues occurring, for example, regarding incompatibility or licensing. Moreover, you owned the full product. In the last few years, things have been changed when companies drastically try to grow their customer base, tie those to them and increase the overall revenue. The go-to solution to achieve exactly that seems to be the subscription-based software licensing that finally takes place almost everywhere in the audio software landscape. Let us talk about that situation from the viewpoint of an audio professional.

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My Favourite Piano & Synth Plugins

It is time for another blog article featuring some further plugin recommendations. This time, I will present you my favourite piano and virtual synth instruments, those that are frequently used in my productions. If you do not know already, I previously wrote about my favourite mixing and mastering plugins, my virtual drums and guitar/bass amp simulator collections that could be interesting for you as well whether you are a (semi-)professional or beginner in the fields of modern music production. Enjoy the following list of my go-to keys software.

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My Virtual Drums & Drum Replacement Tools

After showing you my favourite plugin brands & products and my virtual amp simulator collection in the past, it is time to talk about my go-to virtual drums and drum replacement tools that are used in my production’s daily life. The article will present you tools and virtual instruments that can be used for various genres and are all in an affordable price range even for beginners in the production environment. Enjoy!

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My Virtual Amp Simulator Collection

Virtual Amp Simulators

You probably may have heard someone saying that “the times of analogue guitar or bass amps are over”. I mean, it is the same situation as discussed in one of my previous blog article about my favourite audio plugins and brands. Digital amp simulators, in the form of hardware or software, have their benefits and disadvantages like analogue amps and stomp boxes also have. But both gear categories are aiming at different types of users, working environments, needs, budgets, and last but not least, personal preferences. To be fair, I need to admit that those amp simulators were getting better and better every year and are useful tools in the live and studio environment.

In the following article, we will have a look at my current virtual amp simulator collection for electric guitar and bass guitar. This time, only software-based amp simulators are presented that are in a quite affordable price range of between approximately 60€ to 200€ for a single, originally branded, licenced and therefore approved emulation or even a collection of non-branded “replica” versions.

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My Favourite Plugin Brands & Products

Favourite Plugin Brands & Products

In the last two decades, it became more and more common to continue the project work after the recording completely or at least partially on the computer. Consequently, there is no avoiding the fact that we will need certain audio plugins to edit the recorded material to create a final mix. I personally try to find the best combination of the modern digital and the nowadays already called “vintage” analogue world. Both domains have their benefits and disadvantages, therefore I created my own hybrid environment. Even the best plugins fail by the last 10 to 5% to reach the full sound of their analogue model, if a perfect replica is the developer’s intention. The studio outboard has not only a high cost price but also is high-maintenance which in turn results in additional ongoing expenses. On the contrary, the digital plugins can be taken everywhere with e.g. a laptop and their settings can be easily saved by only one mouse click. Both aspects could become difficult with the studio outboard – just to show up some pros and cons.

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