ForTunes – The Smart Data Hub For Musicians & Producers

ForTunes - The smart data hub for musicians & producers

ForTunes, a data analytics service that is developed to help all kinds of music creatives, (independent) label managers and producers engage with their online data. After the account setup, the app collects all data from the common social media platforms and music streaming services. ForTunes was developed by a team of eight music and tech enthusiasts based in Vienna, Austria. The team has a great mission to put comprehensive Data Analytics at the fingertips of millions of music creators. Let us have a closer look at its functionalities.

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Vocalizr – Connecting Singers & Producers From Around The World

Vocalizr - Connecting Singers & Producers From Around The World

Are you tired of looking for skilled singers in music forums or facebook groups? It takes a lot of time and usually is – at least for us – not successful and depressing. The lack of interested candidates is not a problem. Instead, the people contacting you on those platforms are often not professional enough and – until now – did not meet our needs sound- and skill-wise. That misery can finally be history! In the following, we present you the service Vocalizr that wants to help to connect singers and producers from around the world. Let’s see if it does what it promises.

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