Get In Focus Mode – The “BEATS” Spotify Playlist

Sometimes you need a soundtrack to get in focus mode whether you need to write a term paper, read a book or concentrate otherwise. The problem I face with the music I commonly like to listen to is that the songs contain vocals in most cases. The vocals’ melody and lyrics interfere my concentration because they include too many information and are too vibrant to act as ambient music. Therefore, instrumentals are a good choice. In my case, I like to listen to urban instrumentals (hip-hop/rap and R&B) because of its loop-ish structure and grooviness. Try out my new BEATS Spotify playlist and see if you can increase your concentration and kill the dull silence around you! 😉

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Time To Relax – My “Just Chill” Spotify Playlist

Just Chill Spotify Playlist

As I work day and night on the mixes of the actual “von Berg” studio EP project, you are possibly laying in a hammock at a beautiful beach or sipping a tasty cocktail at a bar. But maybe you are just at home on the couch taking a break from the everyday life. I am sure that this begs for a playlist – you really need a soundtrack for your situation… 😎☝🏼

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Working In Periods Of Sprint And Rest

Working in Periods of Sprint and Rest

During my first big studio productions, I started thinking about possibilities for improving the team member’s and my productivity and an agile way to accomplish and manage the whole projects. Currently, me working mainly in an IT department at a German Internet media startup (for more details visit my LinkedIn profile), I came in contact with a special procedure model for project management called “Scrum”. This model basically contains some methods of operation I was using in my project management beginnings. So let me explain the mystery of this article’s title – “sprint and rest” 😉

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