“Come Back” Clean Vocal Recording

"Come Back" Clean Vocal Recording

The editing of the shouter vocals was done, and we already proceeded with the mixdown of the entire song. But the missing piece of the puzzle was the clean vocalist that sings the melodic, pop-ish chorus and a few other parts together with the shouter. When you missed the previous article that describes our shouter vocal recording with Kim Rese, feel free to check this out here before continue reading this article.

A long time passed until we could find a suitable collaborator that met our expectations sound- and skill-wise. We finally got a great singer/songwriter with a long-lasting recording and touring career involved in the modern rock project. Let me tell you more about who our collaborator is and how we recorded his clean vocals for “Come Back”.

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“Come Back” Shouter Vocal Recording

"Come Back" Shouter Vocal Recording

Almost three months ago, we reported about the bass recording for the modern rock track called “Come Back”. During that period, we wrote the song’s lyrics and finally could start tracking the vocals for the production, starting with the vocal shouts. The song consists of two vocalists, one shouter and one clean, melodic vocalist. Combining those two different styles and voices allows us to target a broader audience and achieve a more pop-ish result. Thus, people that usually do not listen to rock music that includes shouts may connect easier with the song. Let me tell you briefly how we recorded the shouts for “Come Back”.

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Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses – The Best Stores & Freebies

Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses - The Best Stores & Freebies

After we talked about virtual amp simulators in the past, the next logical step is to have a look at guitar cabinet impulse responses (in short: IR). Those so-called impulse responses are sound measurements that contain information about the guitar cabinet speaker, the room where everything is recorded as well as about the used microphone and microphone preamp in the particular situation. That set of information is stored in one single .wav file with that you can recreate the recording situation by loading it into a convolution plug-in – or in an easier term – IR loader. Once you have an IR created, it always recreates the same sound you initially captured, and you do not need to set up a bunch of equipment anymore every time you want to get this unique sound. Important to keep in mind is that an impulse response can recreate the signal chain elements coming AFTER the guitar amp head, but does not include sound characteristics of a guitar amp. Therefore, the combination with a virtual amp simulator or a real guitar amp head and a load box is required to get the guitar sound you want (explained more in detail by Pete Thorn here in one of his great Youtube videos). Impulse responses can also be used to recreate room sounds to be used later as reverb in your mix. However, we will focus on the guitar cabinet IRs in the following and where to get those if you do not want to create your own.

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“Come Back” Bass Recording

"Come Back" Bass Recording

In the near past, I started documenting the progress of AP’s new modern rock project “Come Back” began with explaining how the idea for the song arose and how we started the songwriting and recording process by tracking the drums, guitars and keys. After the editing of the guitar recording was done, a demo mix was sent to Torsten Kolb, who I got to know as the bassist of the alternative rock band Blizzard back in 2014/2015. It only took a couple of days after I received a bass concept for the song that just needed a few small adjustments later during the final recording in late January to be exactly what I was initially looking for.

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“Come Back” Keys & SFX Recording

"Come Back" Keys Recording

Two weeks ago, I published the first production documentation article after almost a year. That type of article should help novices in the songwriting and production business to understand how to get specific results and should act as a source of inspiration for your future productions. For all others reading the article, it can be a small diary entry to be sure that we are continually working on our upcoming projects and get some behind-the-scenes insights of those as well as final release announcements. This time, I will briefly talk about the keys and sound effects (SFX) recording for “Come Back”.

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“Come Back” Guitar Recording

"Come Back" Guitar Recording

One day in November 2018, I spent some hours of my weekend in my project studio and wrote and recorded drums for an entire song of which its rhythm existed in my mind after taking a shower – ready to be recorded. Just Pro Tools’s metronome and the idea in my head provided the basis for my new song. Later, I sent the finished drum recording to Philipp Lykostratis, a brilliant guitar player, motion designer and former colleague at the media agency. Soon after, I received already recorded demo guitar tracks that made me decide to schedule a recording session to finalise the parts and to do the recording at my place in mid of January. The following article will explain to you how we did it and what equipment we used.

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Music Documentaries You Should Have Seen

In the winter, it is the best time to relax in your comfy living room and – occasionally – watch some TV. That is the reason why I want to recommend some of my favourite music documentaries to you this time. Music documentaries are not only interesting if you are into music but are also super inspiring and motivating if you are an upcoming artist, music producer or audio engineer. Regardless of whether the documentaries are about living or passed-away legends, hip-hop, soul or rock – all of those will make you want to be a part of the music’s history.

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Streaming – Break Habits & Try Something New

Power Rock Hooks Spotify Streaming Playlist

In the digital age, we have to recognise that our technology rapidly developed over the last two decades and therefore our daily life. Based on these changes we constantly modify our media consumption. We obtain more and more possibilities (e.g. streaming) and an everyday growing supply of entertainment. About one year ago I was far away from being familiar with music genres like metal core or post hardcore. But then the following happened….

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