“Winter Sports Tunes” – The Spotify Playlist

Winter Sports Tunes - The Spotify Playlist

This weekend, the winter sports season started in Europe. Large amounts of new powder snow are already ready to be used: it is time to pick up your skis and snowboards and get on the slopes! Enjoy a lovely winter sports season in Austria, Switzerland, Italy or elsewhere. Needless to say that we have created a special Spotify playlist for that particular occasion – the “Winter Sports Tunes”. Take a listen!

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“Iron Pump” – The Urban Workout Spotify Playlist

Iron Pump - The Urban Workout Spotify Playlist

While my favourite gym playlist still is “Power Rock Hooks” that is steadily complemented with new hard-hitting rock tracks, there are days when I prefer to listen to some Hip-Hop to push myself to the limit during my workout session. Therefore, I like to share my new urban music playlist “Iron Pump” with you. Enjoy the playlist and your upcoming workout. Cheers!

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The Importance Of Sport & Healthy Nutrition While Being On Tour

Info : This article is written in collaboration with Pablo Rosas (Department of Microbiology, Institute of Tropical Health – University Navarra) who holds a double degree in Pharmacy & Human Nutrition and Dietetics @ University Navarra, Spain. Also check out his latest publication on ScienceDirect, Elsevier: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.vaccine.2018.10.066×

The topics of health and wellness are quite foreign in the arts sector, especially in the performing arts community. Previously working in the live music but also in the studio production environment, I experienced it first-hand. The daily combination of pizza, burgers and other heavy, fatty meals, along with sugary soft or energy drinks was asked to keep our human engines running in the exhausting working environment. I quickly experienced that this lifestyle can be utterly damaging on a long-term basis and that my energy was steadily decreasing with that nutrition habits. Therefore, I realised that a fundamental change of the nutrition and a general lifestyle needed to be implemented as soon as possible. Soon, I switched to healthy food and beverage and a rigorous and regular gym training that immediately resulted in a lot more energy during the day, a better personal feeling and a way healthier everyday life with significantly fewer days of illness and total fatigue.

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