Hackintosh v2 – GPU, SSD & Monitor Upgrade 2020

Hackintosh v2 - GPU, SSD & Monitor Upgrade 2020

It was time for a few changes regarding my Hackintosh (v2) used for the professional music studio work. Since today, my build is a very reliable and extremely stable machine, and it definitively meets all my requirements relating to processing power. However, the old GPU already used in my first Hackintosh (v1) is not supported by OS versions higher than High Sierra (10.13.6) and was outdated for a while. Consequently, I planned a significant GPU upgrade, add another SSD to my system and get a long-awaited ultra-wide, dual QHD 49″ curved monitor. Now my system is ready for current Mac OS updates, and I have a fantastic overview of a large number of channels in Pro Tool’s mix window without scrolling.

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