Vampr – Tinder for Musicians

Vampr - Tinder For Musicians

Info : [UPDATE 18. June 2019] Shortly after the article was published, I received an email by Vampr’s Co-Founder Josh Simons¬†appreciating my honest and detailed app review. Right now, Vampr is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign so they can not only fix bugs and improve the current version but also fast-track the app’s evolution. Vampr, solely focussed on the music community by now, wants to become the social network for all kind of creatives. Feel free to check out their crowdfunding campaign and objectives more in detail here:¬†×

Vampr, initially released in May 2016, is a location-based mobile platform that was developed to facilitate networking, music discovery and communication between creatives of the music industry such as musicians, songwriter, producers or other industry professionals. The startup was founded by the two Australian musicians Josh Simons and Barry Palmer and is based in Los Angeles. Being part of Apple’s “Best of 2017” app list, Vampr facilitated over 3,5 million connections between creatives until November 2018. In the following, we will take a closer look at the app’s functionality and use.

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