“Come Back” Keys & SFX Recording

"Come Back" Keys Recording

Two weeks ago, I published the first production documentation article after almost a year. That type of article should help novices in the songwriting and production business to understand how to get specific results and should act as a source of inspiration for your future productions. For all others reading the article, it can be a small diary entry to be sure that we are continually working on our upcoming projects and get some behind-the-scenes insights of those as well as final release announcements. This time, I will briefly talk about the keys and sound effects (SFX) recording for “Come Back”.

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My Favourite Piano & Synth Plugins

It is time for another blog article featuring some further plugin recommendations. This time, I will present you my favourite piano and virtual synth instruments, those that are frequently used in my productions. If you do not know already, I previously wrote about my favourite mixing and mastering plugins, my virtual drums and guitar/bass amp simulator collections that could be interesting for you as well whether you are a (semi-)professional or beginner in the fields of modern music production. Enjoy the following list of my go-to keys software.

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