“Come Back” Clean Vocal Recording

"Come Back" Clean Vocal Recording

The editing of the shouter vocals was done, and we already proceeded with the mixdown of the entire song. But the missing piece of the puzzle was the clean vocalist that sings the melodic, pop-ish chorus and a few other parts together with the shouter. When you missed the previous article that describes our shouter vocal recording with Kim Rese, feel free to check this out here before continue reading this article.

A long time passed until we could find a suitable collaborator that met our expectations sound- and skill-wise. We finally got a great singer/songwriter with a long-lasting recording and touring career involved in the modern rock project. Let me tell you more about who our collaborator is and how we recorded his clean vocals for “Come Back”.

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“Come Back” Shouter Vocal Recording

"Come Back" Shouter Vocal Recording

Almost three months ago, we reported about the bass recording for the modern rock track called “Come Back”. During that period, we wrote the song’s lyrics and finally could start tracking the vocals for the production, starting with the vocal shouts. The song consists of two vocalists, one shouter and one clean, melodic vocalist. Combining those two different styles and voices allows us to target a broader audience and achieve a more pop-ish result. Thus, people that usually do not listen to rock music that includes shouts may connect easier with the song. Let me tell you briefly how we recorded the shouts for “Come Back”.

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